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“I was checking out blogs on the Arts and Healing Network site and found yours. Those of us who face the certainty of uncertain health really appreciate the gifts you share.” ~Carmen A.

“…been stressing myself out on how I was going to answer the question for an interview, “How have I used creativity in the workplace?” At first I had to look up exactly what that meant.  Most of the articles talked about “thinking out of the box and improving systems.”  I found articles stating creative thinking is now being taught in nursing schools.  Then I found that most creative thinking is done on a managerial level because staff nurses are bombarded with so many things in a given shift that there isn’t time for “creative thinking”.  Then I came across your blog and it went straight to the heart and soul of who I am.” ~Betsy

“Making art has been of great help to me in my cancer/life journey. It is always interesting to see new members come to the art class for the first time and proclaim they have no art talent. Nonverbal expression is just as valuable, and some times more so to those of us who don’t have the words to express our feelings in processing life.” ~Janet

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