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Get ready to be awed…

Here’s a series of 4 videos by The New York Times about Antarctica. Watch the 4th video, ‘Under A Cracked Sky,’ and swim with seals, explore ice caves and float above the seabed crawling with life.

Treat sickness with optimism…

A thought for those not feeling well – physically, emotionally, spiritually:

“Treat sickness with optimism, whether you are poor, rich, powerful or powerless.  Everyone will have to go through the process of birth, aging, sickness and death…there are no exceptions.” ~unknown

(Colorado River, Marble Canyon)


Happy Holidays!

Here in The States, this week is a celebration of Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and all other similar holidays celebrated throughout the world.  Happy holidays to you all!


                                        (Winter, of course!, in Yellowstone Park)

When I look at this picture, my eyes are soothed, my mind and spirit quieted and rested, and my body relaxed.  Nature is the ultimate, most unique of healers.