Poetry, Painting to Earn an M.D.

Is incorporating the arts  such as poetry, painting and writing into medical school curriculum beneficial to medical students?  According to a Wall Streetwriting-creativityinhealthcare Journal article, it is.  In an effort to teach and learn compassionate care along with the traditional sciences, a number of medical schools are encouraging electives in the humanities.  In fact, some schools are requiring medical students to take writing, painting and other creative courses to help foster empathy and attentive listening and sensitivity while providing care to patients.

So, what exactly are the humanities?  These are academic disciplines studying the human condition.  It requires analysis, critical thinking and speculation.  Some examples of the humanities are literature, visual arts, music, performing arts, philosophy, religion, history, languages, anthropology, etc.

Academic disciples studying the “human condition”? What about nursing and medicine? These are 2 disciplines  dedicated to studying and caring for human conditions, and aren’t even included under Humanities!

To read the Wall Street Journal article – click here.

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