‘Art By Nurses’ by Lynda McLeod

Creative Interventions are not just for patients…they should be experienced by healthcare professionals too.  Caring for the sick is demanding work, and at times, thankless.  Health professionals need a repieve to rejevenuate themselves, and engaging in creative activities does exactly this.  Self-care principles and theory applies not only to patients and their families, but to healthcare professionals as well.  Who benefits?  Everyone that healthcare professionals interacts with – nurses, doctors, ancillary nursing personnel, social workers, OT, PT, managers and executive staff,  academicians, etc.   By experiencing and expanding your own definition of creativity, it will ultimately benefit you, your patients and everyone else.

Lynda McLeod of Victoria, British Columbia has applied these self-care principles into action.  This week, I invited Lynda to talk about her background in nursing and interest in the arts.  Lynda is a  nurse educator, artist and founder of ‘Art By Nurses’, an online gallery of artwork for sale created by nurse-artists. 

With no further ado, here’s Lynda…

“Since the beginning of my nursing practice I have always used art as a reflective process to help me make sense of the experiences I encounter as a nurse. In fact, I attribute the process of art as the only reason I am still involved in nursing. Being a highly sensitive, creative, person, I found some of my nursing experiences, mainly bearing witness, difficult to unravel.

As an effort to maintain balance and meaning I connect with nature and my family by going on long canoe and kayaking trips along the west coast of BC. The meditative act of painting these moments became my vehicle to transcend the sorrow and arrive at another plane of understanding. I have no formal art education in technique, color or brushwork; instead, I draw on my passion for nursing and the transformational relationships formed while teaching the next generation of registered nurses

I started the web site company based on a belief that many nurses engage in the meditative process of art in order to make meaning of the experiences they encounter as healers. By creating art and sharing their artistic visions, nurses work to maintain their health and support each other in a very rewarding, yet demanding profession.

ArtbyNurses.com brings nurses together using art. We share the healing qualities of art with the wider community to spotlight our profession, illustrate the benefits of art as a self-care process and celebrate our artistic talents.

We encourage nurses to join Art by Nurse to sell their art in a virtual gallery. A percentage from each sale is automatically deposited into an Art Fund for Nurses. Registered nurses can apply for funds to use art as a strategy in maintaining balance and meaning in their lives as healers. Retaining healthy nurses in the midst of a nursing shortage is the ultimate goal of Art by Nurses.

Support your colleagues and join Art by Nurses as an artist or an associate member.”  ~lynda mcleod


Don’t forget to visit Lynda at her website ‘Art By Nurses’

4 responses to “‘Art By Nurses’ by Lynda McLeod

  1. inkscorrespondent

    I think the value of creative release is something that’s increasingly recognised.

    I recently heard about a French hospital that’s plastered the corridors with textured images – so patients and staff feel like they’re outside.

    Cool, no?

    • Thanks for the link, Peter. After linking, I thought the wide format pictures were windows bringing the outdoors in…access to nature (be it real or in pictures) is healing and healing is a multi-dimensional experience. The time for corporating nature, creativity and the arts into healthcare has come:).

      • inkscorrespondent

        Completely. It’s a shame the images have to be odourless really: it’d be great to bring the smell of grass etc. to patients too. Unless they’re allergic!

    • Oh my gosh, did I die and go to heaven? I am about to graduate w/ my associates in nursing, and was wondering how I was going to incorporate a nursing career with my lifelong interests in art. So far, my choice for area to work in is psych, which I think is the best place for me to be. Looking forward to learning more, and any advice anyone can give me about continuing my education would be very appreciated!

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