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I recently spoke on the topic of the healing aspects of the creative process to the Nursing and Fine Arts Departments at Georgia Perimeter College in metro-Atlanta.  The presentation titled, Creative Nursing Interventions in Healthcare, included a powerpoint presentation on the benefits of creativity/arts for patients.The 2nd portion was interactive where participants listened to selected music, and then completed a drawing of how they visualized the music.The article below captures the main points of the presentation, and I will let it speak for me… 




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GPC Speaker Believes art can Help Heal

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   Creating art can aid in the healing process of sick and injured people, says Marti Hand, a former nurse who now creates artwork and promotes the idea of adding more creativity to traditional healthcare methods. Hand’s work is on display at Georgia Perimeter College’s Cole Fine Arts Gallery on the Clarkston Campus until September 25.
    “Health care is based on the medical model, based on science,” said Hand, speaking at the Creative Nursing Interventions in Healthcare lecture at GPC on August 28. “I want nursing students to start thinking about bringing creativity into patient care. Once they graduate they can do this more and more.” 

    Hand, a former registered nurse with a background in critical care nursing and healthcare management, says there is a biochemical aspect to emotions and that when patients express themselves creatively, it advances their healing process.

    “It’s not just about my artwork, but about making art, engaging in the creative process,” Hand said. “Creativity helps the mind, soul, body and emotions.”
    Hand said creativity leads to a significant drop in stress levels, decreased pain and improved sleep for patients. During her lecture, Hand cited scientific studies which linked neurochemical changes in the brain to outside stimuli such as art and music.
    In conjunction with her lecture, Hand also has a collection of her artwork on display at Cole Auditorium. The series is called Scientific and Medical Microscopic Landscapes and runs until September 25. Most of the paintings are of colorful and microscopic elements in nature, including illustrations of bacteria and viruses.
    “I am a painter. My work integrates art with science, nature and the medical industry,” Hand says. “My two ongoing bodies of work, the Synergy Series and Beauty in the Beast Series, incorporate art with science, nature, pharmaceuticals, x-rays, medical devices, microscopy, illness and disease,” Hand says. “These paintings convey the strength of the human spirit and the impalpable expressions of hope, healing, optimism, courage, empathy, forgiveness, compassion and triumph.”
    Creating the work, she says, is relaxing and healing to the artist. It was only natural that she began to think of how this could benefit the sick and injured, she says.
    “I am a member of the Society for the Arts in Healthcare, and an active Board Member of Women’s Caucus for Art of Georgia,” she adds. “But when you’re a nurse you’re always a nurse.”
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Georgia Perimeter College, the third largest institution of the University System of Georgia, serves more than 21,500 students through four campuses and several sites in metro Atlanta. For additional information, visit www.gpc.edu.

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